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Web Design

Like so many people who enjoy photography, I began to look for ways of sharing my pictures. I had an IT friend who showed me some of the basics of html. After just one short lesson, I was hooked on the idea of writing my own. The learning process was almost as much fun as the photography and, like image making, it can take a lifetime to perfect. I design and maintain a number of sites, and although my own was the first I ever made, it is probaby updated the least frequently. I have made several other sites, some of which are represented here.
Lookingup - photography and web design by Linda Wright
My early websites were written in native html but with the increasing popularity of content managed sites, it is more usual now to develop a WordPress website using commercial templates. This has the huge advantage of including very sophisticated functions as well as the potential for handing over the site to the client so that they can edit and modify it themselves. The process would normally involve some training in website management. Before retirement, I was also able to provide professionally generated images for a bespoke site.
Mark Parker (aka The Silver Fox) has been involved with Falconry for nearly 45 years and many will know him from the International Centre for Birds of Prey, Newent, Gloucestershire, where he was Head Falconer for many years up until January 2017. He has been making equipment and teaching falconry in a professional capacity for over 22 years and is highly regarded within the Bird of Prey community as one of the best and most experienced falconry instructors in the UK.
Dave and Mark Kay are lifelong motorcycling enthusiasts who began making replacement parts for their classic bikes after the manufacturing plant closed in Italy. Their engineering skills and considerable knowledge meant that their bikes were presented in immaculate condition at race meetings and they won many victories. The services of their company MV Meccanica Verghera Ltd are in constant demand as they can make replacement parts for classic MV Agusta road bikes, MV Grand Prix and Gilera Grand Prix bikes. As a tribute to Enzo Ferrari, Dave designed and made the world's only Ferrari motorcycle, for which he earned the congratulations of the Ferrari family. The website celebrates their illustrious history and offers parts, servicing, repairs and kits for classic bikes. Its a very good read!
The Davies family run The Granary, a bed and breakfast business in their home at Llanhennock. Situated in a peaceful rural locatiion near the Celtic Manor Hotel, The Granary offers a quiet retreat for those working away from home, as well as a great place to spend a holiday.
It caters for single visitors as well as families and many clients return year after year.
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