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Photography Tuition

"What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time"  -  John Berger

The digital revolution, which blossomed at the turn of this century, has made photographers out of all of us. But not many people progress from everyday snaps to the creative artistry that we admire in so much of the media.
I have been taking photos since 2004, when I bought my first DSLR. Like many others, I began by using it as a point and shoot, simply because I had no real knowledge of the art and science that is photography. Ever been frustrated by not being able to make a photo that looks like your subject? Me too! But I taught myself with the help of metadata stored in the image. Not the easiest way to start but, having got the hang of all the camera settings, I then began to help others to take great photos. Modern cameras have superb creative potential and, regardless of the make, they work in much the same way. This means that it's possible for people with a range of abilities and equipment to learn the principles of creative photography together.
Flight photography
Before retirement. I was available to teach groups or individuals at Forest Barn Holidays in the beautiful Forest of Dean. Whether you were resident in the cottages, or just wished to attend for tuition, we were able to accommodate most requests. The photo days focused on the creative use of a camera and was most suitable for beginners or intermediate learners. Among other subjects, we considered macro and landscape photography as well as portraits of our resident collection of exotic birds of prey, managed by an expert falconer.