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Lookingup Services

Photography Tuition

Linda Wright is an award-winning photographer who specialises in capturing images of natural subjects particularly birds of prey. She has spent a lifetime teaching Biology and those skills have transferred to helping individuals to master the controls of their own camera. She has previously worked as a tutor for Authentic Adventures and at birds of prey centres, where trained birds provide wonderful opportunities for mastering the tricky subject of flight.

Linda is now retired but during her career, she catered for all levels of ability, including complete beginners. The aim of any teaching day was to help photographers to work fully manually so that they were able to use the full creative potential of their camera.

Photographic Commissions

Before retirement, I worked with full professional kit and was available to fulfil commissions for photographs for most kinds of project.

I have worked to order for website images, magazine articles, property sales and product presentations.

This website represents a fraction of my portfolio.

Web Design

Like so many people who enjoy photography, I began to look for ways of sharing my pictures. I had an IT friend who showed me some of the basics of html. After just one short lesson, I was hooked on the idea of writing my own website. The learning process was almost as much fun as the photography and, like image making, it can take a lifetime to perfect. I designed and maintained a number of sites, both static and content managed, including this one.