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There is a huge diversity of owl species, more than 220 in all. They live in all continents except for Antarctica. Hunting mostly small mammals, some are nocturnal, some diurnal and others crepuscular - active at dawn and dusk. Their huge eyes are seated in tubular sockets that do not permit rotation, so owls get their perception of 3D by bobbing and weaving their heads.

Snowy owl

A dramatic landing

Barn Owl

Frequently nesting in derelict farm buildings

Boobook Owl

Otherwise known as the Morepork owl in New Zealand

Ural owl

Related to our tawny owl, this bird lives in central upland Europe

Tawny owl in flight

A nocturnal woodland hunter

On the ground

A burrowing owl lives in dry sandy habitats where it lives in burrows

Long Eared Owl

In gliding flight

Wood owl

Tawny owl camouflaged in a rotten tree trunk

Eurasian Eagle Owl

A feather study

Crepuscular hunter

A barn owl quartering the ground ar dusk

Young owl

A long eared owl in a threat pose

Northern Hawk Owl

Perched in woodland

Owl chicks

two baby Ural owls

Burrowing Owl

Difficult to photograph in short, fast, flitting flight

Asian Brown Wood Owl

An arboreal, nocturnal hunter

Night owl

In snowy woodland