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These birds belong to the Family Falconidae and are closely related to the Caracaras. Falcons have a characteristic tomial tooth - a notched beak that it uses to break the neck of its prey - usually small mammals. Kestrels are the smaller members of the group and have the ability to hover in search of prey, just before stooping for a kill. Larger falcons often prey on other birds which they may catch in flight.

Gyr Saker

This image was commissioned to represent the theme 'Carpe diem'

Female kestrel

Photographed on a teaching day

Lanner falcon in flight

A North African ambush predator

Young Lanner

A portrait taken on a photography teaching day


A small raptor that eats other birds

Ready for takeoff

Gyr Saker closeup

Aerial missile

Peregrines kill other birds in flight with a powerful strike at high speed


A handsome merlin

Fast flight

Gyr saker falcons are powerful flyers

Aplomado falcon

A handsome member of the falcon family


This would be the last thing a mouse would see

Juvenile plumage

A young Lanner falcon


The fastest animal on the planet

Cool perch

A male kestrel has found a convenient post to sit on

Hovering kestrel

On a bright snowy day