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Eagles of the World

These birds all belong to the Family Accipitridae. A large and diverse group, it includes diurnal hunters such as Hawks, Buzzards, Eagles, Old World Vultures and Kites.

Eagle chicks

Four baby steppes eagles

Golden Eagle

This is Orla who resides at the Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre

Steppes Eagle

A young eagle flying in snow

Stellers portrait

An adult Stellers Sea Eagle

Steppes Eagle in flight

The eagle is landing!

Indian Tawny Eagle

Young eagle in snow

White-tailed Sea Eagle

A juvenile sea eagle

Black Eagle

A young eagle on her maiden flight

Grey Buzzard Eagle

In gliding flight

Bald Eagle

Just after a bath

Black Eagle

A juvenile just finding his wings

Golden Eagle

One of the UK's largest eagles

Juvenile White tail

The stall before landing

Grey Buzzard Eagle

Adult in flight

Juvenile Grey Buzzard Eagle

The bird has just bathed and is calling

Young Indian Tawny Eagle

A handsome young raptor


A young black eagle

Bald Eagle in flight

Soon after takeoff, the eagle gains speed

African Fish Eagle

Flying on a fine day