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Photography and Web Design by Linda Wright

Photography is both an art and a science

It’s about seeing the extraordinary

in an ordinary place

and capturing it with technology

Revealing beauty with a camera is as difficult

as bottling sunshine or defying gravity,

Those who are not broken by their quest

can become inspirational masters

in whose footsteps thousands of this digital generation follow.

I am one of that happy, hopeful band

that shares the passions, frustrations and joys

of photography.

My hobby became a passion that led to a small business.

It was a fantastic journey that, in 2020, came to an end with my retirement. This website remains a record of that journey.


I was teaching one-to-one or group photography sessions


My work has featured in books, magazines and journals throughout the world

Web Design

Bespoke static and content managed websites

This website is a showcase of my work

It represents a small company that grew from a great interest

I hope you enjoy browsing the galleries